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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

229. "I Have Been to Heaven and Back" by The Mekons

Requested by Ken Ostrander.

Going for a little bit of the old Billy Bragg attack on this most political of days here in the US. And also seeming to be getting ill... from what the kids have had lately, I think, although I don't completely discount the possibility that the election results are to blame.

My voice probably couldn't have done another take of the lead vocal. As it was, I had to scrape choral the harmonies that I was planning for the instrumental sections, and then I literally wandered around the house for a few minutes, feeling the fever kick in and trying to think of something we had just lying around that might make an interesting noise and that I hadn't used to death already on 39-40. I ended up making my scrapy debut on Eden's viola (in case you're wondering what the hell that is). In the final analysis, the cover probably falls a little short eve of its modest ambitions, but it was a crappy day and I really don't feel so good.

Personnel: Rex

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  1. i love this song. it was taken off of the american release of _rock 'n' roll_ because the a&m exec who delivered the news that they needed (for some inexplicable reason) to take two songs off of the proposed album didn't know or care enough to know what the potential singles were. you have to get the import blast first version or the ep to get it.