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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

237. "Drunken Angel" by Lucinda Williams


I learned this one in the "singing lullabyes for baby Miranda" phase, although I didn't sing it for her much, if at all. It was just one of those lyric-and-melody combinations that really clicked, made me want to sing it; at the same time, the full band arrangement sounded like exactly what I was going for at the time. The 12-string riff seemed to make it a sort of evil twin to Grant McLennan's "All Her Songs", and although the song was relatively new when I learned it, it felt like the kind of thing that would serve me well for years to come in whatever kind of dive bars I might, if I was lucky, end up playing. I haven't really played enough dive bars either to justify this theory or to suit my own desires since then, but the song has held a place in my off-the-cuff performances for a long time... I've lost track of how many keys I've sang it in, as it's been present during a number of phases when I've had different ideas of what my vocal range is supposed to be.

I love Lucinda, though. I met her under some pretty weird circumstances earlier this year, in a capacity where she was sort of just one of the crowd, and as usual when I meet people whose work is truly significant to me, I just didn't have anything to say that didn't sound idiotic (at least to my own ears), so I just hugged her. I've decided that's going to be my new thing upon meeting the real giants in my pantheon. They've heard all the fannish blather there can possibly be, and a physical embrace is the closest I can come to the intimacy with which they've touched me, at least in the public arena, so it suddenly seems silly to waste the opportunity. So far I've only gotten to do this with Lu and, a little earlier, Peter Buck. But that's a good start: both of them are well up my ladder.

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