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Thursday, November 18, 2010

245. "Almost With You" by The Church


This song would almost certainly have to be one of the earliest tunes I figured out how to play on guitar with any sophistication beyond just following the chord sequence. Ironically, in this quickie performance I realized when I came to the bridge that I didn't remember how the chords went. For some reason what entered my head instead was the bridge for another Church song, "Tear It All Away". My mind managed to pull out of that while it was still able to attain escape velocity, but that didn't help me remember the real chords, so you'll hear me instead play the verse chords before going off on some kind of improvised tangent and then, none too soon, finding my way back into the song proper. Could've fixed it, but that wouldn't be Lightning Round.

The image on the cover this time just is what it is: the first non-Churchy image that came up in a Google image search on the words "almost with you". Yes, it looks more like the results of a search for "pwnt", but I'm being very hands-off about this whole process.

Personnel: Rex


  1. (even better, for an all-caps post, my captcha was "shout")