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Sunday, November 28, 2010

255. "Take the Skinheads Bowling" by Camper Van Beethoven

Another one I learned, or rather just grew into the awareness that I already knew, quite some time ago. I played and sang this straight through, using Eden's old nylon string mini guitar to add a little sonic variety, and then in the course of mixing it realized that I was using the same session as I had for "Vapour Trail", and had in fact forgotten to erase the wacky electric guitar whammy-bar divebombing overdubs that came in halfway through that song. But they actually sounded kind of cool along with "Skinheads", so I just nudged them over less than an inch to give them a more dramatic entrance (into a little break that I just made up for my version of the song) and let them play out. So yes, the electric guitar part on this song is indeed the same part, and the same recording of the same performance, as the one on my version of "Vapour Trail". What of it?

Memo to the person posting the lyrics to this song on the intarwebs: "I get up and pray to John"... really? You're into CVB enough to be transcribing the words to their songs, but you can't recognize the most obvious reference to Rastafarianism imaginable? What, sir, aren't you smoking?

Personnel: Rex

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