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Monday, November 29, 2010

256. "One More Cup of Coffee" by Bob Dylan

And here, for the first time, is a new Skates & Rays recording created specifically for 39-40. It's not all that could be hoped for, being a very much on-the-fly recording of our first rehearsal-- in fact the first time we've played together as a band-- in eight months or so, the longest delay between playing together in the history of the band in point of fact. It's a rough stereo recording captured by two mics in the room (erm, plumbing shop) in which we were playing, and the vocals are obviously way too low in the "mix"; that and the fact that it sounds like what it is, a first take at a half-remembered song by a really rusty band, make it a little hard on the ears. However, as many mistakes as all of us make, it does warm up as it goes along, maybe 2/3 of the way through I think you can get a feel for why we like being in a band together, and maybe why it's worthwhile for us to get back up to speed.

That Cliff is singing the lead on this song instead of me is for a number of reasons. He's always had the lead vocal on this song, just as I inherited all of the Crazy Horse guitar solos that didn't used to be there, and he sings it better than I could. Most of all, though, I wanted to get a cover recording out of the rehearsal for 39-40 purposes, and I just couldn't think of any covers we've ever done that I haven't already done on my own for the blog. Except for when we do "Heroes" with Derek singing the German lyrics, but he was getting over a cold and didn't do any singing that night anyway.

There should be more of these to come, and I should be able to get better at recording them. It'll be fun, especially once the request line gets back up and running.

Clifford Ulrich ~ Lead vocal, bass
Rex Broome ~ Guitar, backing vocal
Derek Hanna ~ Drums

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