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Monday, November 8, 2010

235. "Elevate Me Later" by Pavement


So, owing to a Multiple-Stage Hard Drive Disaster (MSHDD), a lot of bad things have happened to my files. There's no point in describing the MSHDD. There never is. I admit, every time it happens, especially when it involves some new and incredibly improbable twist, that I almost always feel compelled to spell out the details to anyone who will listen. I don't know why the hell that is. I really don't. And I recognize that acting on this urge would be a bad thing, a Waste of Everybody's Time, and so I'm patting myself on the back just a little bit. Naturally, while my one hand is doing that, my other fist is through the wall and my only throat is wailing a long, bestial growl of inarticulate rage at All and Self. But moving on...

Because of the irritating, irritating, and irritating process I have to go through to reconstruct all of this stuff, I'm basically going to be incapable of doing the many things I need to do daily to bring a full 39-40 post into existence. What I'm going to do instead is a Lightning Round: I'm going to stockpile a bunch of acoustic songs over the next few days, songs I just already happen to know like the back of my hand, and deploy them over the two weeks or so that it's going to take me to Fix Everything (and work on the Thunderhill album project as well). So the randomness of the whole thing is taking a temporary vacation, but at the same time you'll get a brief glimpse into the odd assortment of songs which have, for some reason, accrued over the years into my standing repertoire, as I don't plan to use any reference on these tunes other than a google search on the lyrics in front of my face as I perform them (that means no listening to the originals before hitting Record). If you're only here for the production numbers, it'll be pretty boring for a while, but if you have the slightest interest in what makes me tick as a musician, or maybe you want a glimpse into how I dealt with covers before I started this project, hang in there.

Personnel: Rex

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