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Friday, November 5, 2010

232. "London's Burning" by The Clash

Requested by Ken Ostrander.

This probably set a new 39-40 record for briefest period between track selection and posting of the final recording. And it's still within the Sickbed Suite... in fact I did the randomized selection of the tune just a minute or two after posting the Radiohead song, and upon seeing what it was, thought I might be able to pull it off pretty damned quickly. I decided, in fact, to go for a real purist first-taker... not only the first recording, but a recording of my first attempt at even playing the song, the kind of thing I can only attempt with material I know as well as this one. I came close. This is actually the third time through. The first one featured some oddly reversed lyrics with which I was willing to live until I blew another chord; the second one got all the way to the end at which point I got the modulated chord sequence in the solo section confused with the regular one, and then the third one came out like this.

Now I appear to be caught up with all the time I missed during the sick days, which is both more than I expected and a very good thing, because the next month or so is going to be very busy with a couple of other big recording projects that aren't going to leave much time for these daily covers, so this may be as good as it gets for a while.

Personnel: Rex

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