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Thursday, March 10, 2011

357. "Spring" by Saint Etienne

The work of Maurice Rickard has appeared on 39-40 before, when his immortal work "Red Fiber" was heavily incorporated into my ever-popular cover of "Free Bird", and I've borrowed technique and approaches from him elsewhere, most notably on my should've-been-ever-popular version of "Transmission", so it's most excellent to have him contribute to 39-40 as a solo artist. Even more exciting is the fact that this track is the unearthing of a heretofore all-too-obscure musical genre/subculture, "Scaffo". Maurice explains:
I'm trying to find a Scaffo-correct approach to doing the cover. Backstory:

I had a dream in which a new subculture named "Scaffo
" had emerged. There were absolutely no appearances by it in the dream, nor any descriptions of its attributes, other than a vague "Oh, yeah--Scaffo! (smirk, laughter)." So it seemed like a subculture that other people looked on as wrong in some way, but other than that, wide open.

Discussing it with some friends, a few of us want to create the musical Scaffo
genre. The problem, of course, is defining this, but the lineage certainly includes Captain Beefheart and U.S. Maple as proto-Scaffo.
We went on to posit various other aspects defining Scaffo, but the best way to bring this dream into reality was clearly to start putting some Scaffo or Scaffo-informed music out there. And so as on project folds, another, grander one begins.

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