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Friday, March 18, 2011

368. "Let's Kiss and Make Up" by The Field Mice

And here is what can only be described as a "bonus track" to the 39-40 project and Foxbase Gamma, although Paula herself labeled it "the quiet b-side" to her cover of "Kiss and Make Up". However you label, it, though, it's lovely.

For fun, I decided to list the "original" for this version as the true original version, the one by The Field Mice. I don't think Paula is unusual in that prior to tackling a cover of the Saint Etienne version, she hadn't known that that one was already a cover. The Field Mice are pretty obscure. So while I could have presented any of the remixes of the Saint Etienne version in my iTunes library, I thought it would be nice to pair this stripped-down version of the song-- which oddly was called, in this version, "Let's Kiss and Make Up"-- with the rarely-heard version by a nearly-forgotten band. That seems rather 39-40 to me, anyway.

Paula Carino & the Flabberghastery

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  1. Just discovered your blog. Very impressed for you to includeThe Field Mice, along with The Church, The Smiths etc.