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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Complete 39-40 Project

So here, in CD-length folders, are all of the tracks created for 39-40.

If you've followed the project, I recommend that you delete all the files you've collected so far and download these instead. I've made numerous corrections to the tagging of the files and in some cases their content over the course of the project; these folders contain the final, definitive versions of the tracks.

Note that these files aren't numbered like individual discs-- they represent one giant 369-track album. But the folders do represent the way they'd fit on 18 separate discs if you burned them like that.

Identically indexed files of all the original versions will follow shortly!




  1. Thank you SO MUCH. I had some dead spots in my followage of the blog and hadn't yet blocked out time to fill in the gaps.

  2. This is excellent...except...I hate to say it, but...#324 ("That's Entertainment") is missing.

  3. Fortunately (I discovered) it tucks quite nicely into disc 16...