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Friday, March 11, 2011

358. "Pocahontas" by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

A song from one of my very favorite albums of all time, rendered as a complete toss-off. As it's becoming clear that not every track by every contributor slated for Foxbase Gamma will be ready on time, and as the logistics of my actual approaching birthday, as well as Miranda's two days before it, mingle with the realities of having to deal with cases of headlice which might have been brought to my attention when they commenced and weren't, and of keeping 16 bands' worth of elementary schoolers straight in my head as I try to get them ready to impress the hell out of their parent with their mad rockandrollery in three weeks, I find that... hell, I better record something I don't have to think about too much, even if it does shortchange one of the best compositions of the last century. So here you go.

I still prefer my version where the line is "the first TV" instead of "the first teepee". Nobody agrees with me. Fuck 'em, I get to sing it how I like.

Personnel: I forget

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