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Saturday, March 12, 2011

359. "London Belongs to Me" by Saint Etienne

As you can see above, I have discovered as yet another edition of Foxbase Alpha, and it pretty much defies description. Please enjoy this image of the limited edition "Subbuteo Box" of our favorite record ever to be covered in its entirety by the Broome Massive.

As to Chris Huff's cover, it kicks arse. I really enjoy the intro with its samples of various iconic utterances of the word "London" (it's a more refined version of what I did a tiny bit of on this track) but it goes on to dwarf my best efforts at reinterpetation and it's a real joy to hear. I shouldn't be surprised: this is what Chris does as a professional, and I admire his work. Sometime over the course of this project in a side conversation Chris delved into the kinds of reactions when he sometimes gets from hipster types when he tells them his primary gig is as a cover artist. Apparently it's not kind, or, worse, dismissive. Seeing as how the past year for me has had everything to do with learning and playing covers, not just on 39-40 but at my own shows and with my dad's band back east, and in my new job of teaching kids how to be a rock band, I can officially declare Chris's naysayers to be a lot of irredeemable tossers. Now that's sorted, let's listen, shall we?


  1. Doh! I missed the art cutoff lol Thanks for making it up! and thanks for including me, twas much fun.

  2. Nope, I was just slacking on updating it. It's all good now!