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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

362. "Nothing Can Stop Us" by Saint Etienne

Nothing, indeed, can stop us now. I downloaded this Skype thing and Ken appeared to me like a vision, and there followed a few moments of myself fumbling to link up components of the Grand Technology of Today using wires I bought at Radio Shack in 1987. Soon enough he had completed the performance you hear today. It was left only for me to add the requisite dub bass and dub banjo ((c) me) and for another definitive step to be taken toward the realization of Foxbase Gamma. The name of the blog and my own, traditionally canine-oriented name make it clear that I am indeed an old dog. Nevertheless, and at the eleventh hour... new trick.

Ken Ostrander ~ vocal and guitar
Rex Broome ~ dub bass, dub banjo


  1. thanx rex for making this happen! i toyed with doing one of those 'granny song' thing macca used to do; but settled on the reggae vibe. i really wanted to layer on lots of goofy kiddie instrumentation and percussion with household appliances but our computer would not support ye ol' band of the garage without freezing up. after considerable back and forth, it became apparent that i would have to do a live performance. rather than literally phoning it in, we both got excited about the possibilities of skype. it was hysterical that rex had to dig out those old school chords and plugs with adaptors and couldn't even hear me while i was chugging through my tone deaf rasta prayer. i was feelin' it though.

  2. Oh my God, this is so dope. I want to hear more of Mr Ostrander right away.

  3. The creation of this one was an amazing trip. Maybe I should "produce" a whole LP for Ken this way: recorded via Skype with me not even able to hear the original track, and then overdubbing de dub-ness.