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Friday, March 18, 2011

366. "Etienne Gonna Die" by Saint Etienne

The existence of this track has to be regarded, by me at least, as something of a minor miracle. When I started the blog I hadn't heard from Jim Poe in many years, so it was cool just to catch up with him. What's even more amazing that I caught him at a point in his life during which he hadn't done anything musical for some time, but was looking for an excuse to get moving on it again. So it's a pretty big deal for me to present his first track in a good long time, and his first completed experiment in Garagebandery, here on the blog.

It's also almost impossible to imaging the endgame of 39-40 without my having taken up Jim's suggestion of Foxbase Alpha as the full album I should cover. For a brief time I was insanely considering doing as many as five full albums, one from each of the most recent decades, but in the end it devolved down to Skates & Rays doing The Church's Remote Luxury, and I almost left it at that... but the Foxbase idea still seemed very compelling, so I paired it up with the idea of contributions by guest artists. It seems very fitting that Jim, under the name Tiger Blanket, should be one of them. There's also an eerie if not quite fearful symmetry to the whole thing: the first track to be covered on 39-40 was the final song on Foxbase Alpha. So I guess the circle is now complete.

Stand by for the "official" release of Foxbase Gamma in the next week or two.

Personnel: Jim Poe

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