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Friday, March 18, 2011

365. "Kiss and Make Up" by Saint Etienne

Here's the first of a series of posthumous and postdated postings to the blog which will wrap up the Foxbase Gamma project and clear the house of a few additional, special volunteer contributions. They will also push the total song count for my 365 day project to 369. That should look very impressive indeed on paper.

Paula Carino is probably the highest-profile artist to contribute to 39-40, and in this case she has earned her reputation by being awfully damned good at what she does. I'm massively honored that she recorded this track for my humble enterprise, especially since it will go on to live forever (or at least a little longer) on the Foxbase tribute LP, which I'd anticipate will have a slightly longer shelf life than the blog itself.

It's also going to be one of the highlights of Foxbase Gamma, which has overall turned out way stronger than I'd anticipated. Paula's version of this song-- well, it's actually only one of her versions of it, but we'll come to that later-- is a real joy. Some of the reconfigured chord changes she's implied remind me of Lush at their early peak... I hope she'll consider that the compliment it's meant to be. It's definitely one of the best tracks I've had the pleasure of passing on to the listening public.

Paula Carino & the Flabberghastery

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