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Sunday, October 17, 2010

213. "Manic Depression" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Requested by Miranda Broome.

Miranda requested this one because it's been her big project in her bass lessons for a while. Little did she suspect that I would therefore ask her to play it, and add only the whooshiest, thinnest and least guitarry parts to it in order to feature her playing. Ha! Actually, she gave me a brilliant excuse for not playing any guitar on this. Jimi's guitar playing remains among the most purely expressive things ever to feature in rock and roll, but when ever anyone else tries to play like him, no matter how well they do at it, the only thing they ever really seem to be expressing is "Damn, do I wish I was Jimi Hendrix".

The thing that comes in after the first chorus and sounds kind of like a guitar is actually Miranda's bass part, copied and raised two octaves with some fuzz stuff applied to it.

Miranda Broome: Bass
Rex Broome: Mandolin, vocal

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