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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

216. "Something In The Air" by Thunderclap Newman

Requested by Roger Newlin.

Actually, Roger requested "Something by Thunderclap Newman", so I figured just add "In The Air" and I was pretty close to doing exactly what he asked for. It's sort of the obvious cover, and there are a couple of other interesting ones I could've picked-- "Accidents" for instance-- and then there's the mysterious question of why the Newman (I don't know if anyone really ever called them "the Newman", I'm just kind of riffing on how Buffalo Springfield was called "the Springfield") never recorded Speedy Keene's awesome "Armenia City in the Sky" as done by The Who, but this song is really too good to pass up.

Actually, I briefly had this song in my acoustic set. And I must have just made up my own version at the time, because I did it in G, and lo and behold it's totally in E. Further irony comes from the fact that when I did it in G, it kind of bombed because that turned out to be a lousy register for me to sing it in. E is only slightly better, so this one ended up in C. It's sort of surprising how rarely I transpose tunes for 39-40... it's often because I start working out the guitar parts by playing along with the recording and I develop pet voicings pretty quickly; as long as there's a way for me to sing it, I'll probably stick with the original key. Anyway, my favorite part of this is the bass... it's really high and yet has a sort of rubbery dubby sound, and I felt like I was channeling Naomi from Galaxie 500.

The first person to identify what I'm singing on the bridge part of this one gets a free request with no randomized competition. Go!

Personnel: Rex

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