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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

222. "Demons" by Super Furry Animals

Requested by Ed Poole, who now joins Jeff Norman in the Two Consecutive Requests Performed Club Organization Guild.

Well, this wasn't ideal, but I'd been waiting all month for a song that I could recast as a sinister evil-guy rhymey monologue backed with some vintage Halloween background tapes (of which, as I've alluded several times, I'm a bit of a fan). The perfect candidate would've been a little more straight-up verse, but I was willing to entertain something a bit more abstract and potentially puzzling to the listener. The lyrics to this song came as close as I'm likely to get, given the scant days remaining before Halloween, so I decided to roll with it while I could.

The way I broke it down, it drifted a little farther from Zacherle territory than I'd anticipated, but settled into a groove that wasn't too far off the mark of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion "Ghost Host", particularly in the "stretching room" monologue, so I rolled with that and simulated the stereo ping-ponging from that bit, and that made it almost totally okay with me. The vocal repitching helped, too. It can be a bit harder for me to feel like I did a decent job doing over-the-top dialogue than over-the-top singing, but with the funky effect it was fairly easy to camp it up. We all need a crutch or two, don't we?

Personnel: Rex
Sound effects from Horror Sounds of the Night (Topstone Audio) and Scary Sounds (manufacturer unknown).

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