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Monday, October 25, 2010

221. "Magick Power" by Opal

Requested by Ed Poole.

Oh, the fun we can have! This was a crazy mad day. I had to get up outstandingly early to pack up all my recording gear to drive across town and set up in my daughter Miranda's classroom to record her class singing a song we've written together about math. This was a one-man operation, in, as it turns out, the rain. It had to be done in less than an hour, and, at least in terms of what strictly needed to happen, it was, although the one student not present was Miranda, owing to what a total class act my ex-wife is. Still, I did have the forethought to randomize the Monday requests before I left, and, when this song came up, I thought it might be a nice and potentially terrifying touch to have a room full of fourth graders chanting along, so I had them do so as a sound check.

The rest of the day was not rainy at all; in fact, it was one of those perfect LA autumn days the kind of which we haven't gotten enough this year. Clear and windy... dead leaves skittering everywhere on the roads, choppy water on the reservoir, exactly what you hope for on Halloween itself. It was a mood lifter, but throughout the rest of the day I kept running into mentally ill people. More than usual, even. Somewhere in the middle of those encounters I got into a elevator with a random disheveled elderly man I'd never seen before. During the one floor descent, he looked at me and said, "Y'know, Rex, Morgan got dropped by the Times today." This creeped me the hell out. Fortunately we reached my floor right away; I got out of the elevator and he didn't, which was odd, because it was the bottom floor. And then I realized that he hadn't so much psychically hijacked my name as he'd been expressing his frustration that the LA Times had stopped running the comic strip Rex Morgan MD, and I was doubtless one of many people he'd felt obliged to inform about it.

Rex Broome ~ Lead and harmony vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar, nonsense sounds
Ms. Wong's Fourth Grade Class ~ Backing vocals
Eden Hain ~ Marcelline the Vampire Queen
Sound effects from the album Halloween Night

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  1. those kids are scary! we are big fans of adventure time and the 'evicted' episode may never be deleted from our tivo. and what a trippy experience for you in the elevator! i often get confused when people say my name when they mean "can"; but your name doesn't come up like that.