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Friday, October 29, 2010

225. "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)" by David Bowie

Requested by Eden Hain. Sort of.

So the funny thing is that this wasn't really supposed to be a cover of "Scary Monsters". At all. See, like, there was only one online request, and Eden and I started demoing a song, you'd never guess the title of this song, Tickle Me Pink ( it's Eden's favorite CRAYOLA crayon). And The even more hilarious part is that it's actually made out of I am the Walrus. Which all mixes together quite well I should say. Girly song title, scary song premise, John Lennon on LSD.

(Okay, the above was actually written by Eden, in character as me, but now it's really me again. OR IS IT?)

Anyhow, yeah, it was a crazy day running back and forth between schools, recording kids in classrooms, and ultimately delivering Eden to her gig with Wye. But along the way, driving around, Eden put in the second request, which was to finish a demo of this song "Tickle Me Pink" and then have me cover it, so that's what we set out to do. But we ran out of time before her show, and then she got invited to dinner by her dad and his family, so rather abruptly I started rearranging the sequencing I'd started for her song (which, yes, does include some recycled "Walrus" guts from "Free Bird") into "Scary Monsters", which was another cover she'd almost requested (and she did win the randomized 50/50 lottery fair and square). She did get home in time to provide the vocal and uke part on the coda. It's not surprising that this thing turned out a little bit weird, but in fact it's probably even artier than you'd expect, but when things get as hurried and by definition Frankensteinian as this recording already was, you lose a lot of shyness about excising near-random hunks of the mix or deliberately singing out of time or ditching the real end of the song in favor of some way-whack fake tropicalia. Or at least I do, and Eden lets me get away with it. Okay, who am I kidding... she came up with some of the most bizarre stuff herself.

Eden Hain ~ Vocals, ukulele
Rex Broome ~ Backing vocals, guitar, bass, other weird arty stuff

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