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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

215: "Ask For Jill" by The dB's

Requested by Bradley Skaught.

Now this is a cool song. And it was fun to do until I lost a big chunk of what I'd recorded in an application crash. Until then, it was a blast. The basis of my take on it was the insane see-saw riff that runs, and I'm not kidding, all the way through the original tune. I wanted to play that thing up, but there were some other changes that were going to have to go along with that. In the original, the chord sequence is pretty much only suggested by the bassline and a few keyboard stabs here and there. I wanted to make it a little more propulsive, so I was going to base it around a very strummy acoustic guitar and a massively simplified, maybe even lobotimized bass part. But I whipped up my version of that riff first, trying to broaden it out by having a whole ton of different instruments playing it at once. I did that really quickly and just looped all of them (why not?), but the first time I listened to it with the drum part I'd borrowed from The Fall's "Bremen Nacht", which had a similar rhythmic signature to the dB's song but a lot more snarl than I'd realized, it hit me as such a massive wall of noise, almost a "Needles in the Camel's Eye" kind of thing, that I laughed out loud, and that forced a bit of a change of direction.

Personnel: Rex

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