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Sunday, April 4, 2010

17: "Intro To: Where Have All the Flowers Gone" by The Kingston Trio

This was bound to happen. Note that what The Machine has selected for me here is not "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" as performed by The Kingston Trio, but the spoken intro to a live performance of "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" from the K3's 1967 concert album Once Upon a Time. An odd thing to cover, but there you are.

Fortunately I had prepared for this eventuality. I have a number of strategies for dealing with such tracks, and here's the first one.

Rex Broome ~ Assemblage and banjo what needs restringing



The first, uncredited appearance of Anjali, who would continue to unwittingly contribute to 39-40 until the bitter end. Here, for some reason, I seem to have use her to portray both John Stewart and Bob Shane. Which would have been fine (not great, but at least comprehensible) had I panned them to specific places in the stereo picture, instead of setting both instances of her voice to the "wandering around" effects setting.

I actually think I know why I used two Anjalis, although I can't recall whether it was conscious or not: around the time I recorded this one, my wife Gen had just gotten a pair of new co-workers of Indian descent, both named Pooja. This seemed so unlikely to me that I must surely have intended the double Anjalis to reflect the double Pooja presence in our family life. I can't go much further with that line of thinking, though.


I was surprised and a little bit disappointed with myself to realize, upon listening back to this track, that I'd used the sound effect of the lonesome buoy from the end of the opening scene of Jaws here, well before its more appropriate appearance on this track. I'll go into more detail about the sound on that entry, but the fact that I unknowingly used the same ambient effect twice really makes me wonder about just how limited my imagination is.

Finally, I have no idea why the text in this section is showing up in an unbroken glob like it is. Believe me, I would stop it if I could.

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