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Thursday, April 29, 2010

42. "Ace of Spades" by Union Avenue

Here's one for which I didn't have the highest expectations, but turned out fairly well. I couldn't quite develop my own take on the original. But a few days ago, doing the Talking Heads cover, I'd finally worked out how to create my own drum loops, and thereby hangs the tale.

Twenty-some years ago, I actually made my own tape loops, literally, by disassembling cassette tapes and splicing the loops of homemade recordings end to end with Scotch tape, rebuilding the cassette, trying it out, and then taking it apart again and resplicing until it looped properly. I started doing this to create ambient sounds for walk-through haunted houses and so forth, but eventually got insane enough to try to do this with actual musical parts for demos, and I got surprisingly good at it. The last time I attempted it was when trying to record the soundtrack for a student film; in particular I was failing to make a loop out of the odd drum part at the beginning of "Warning Sign" by, coincidentally, Talking Heads. I ran out of time, but the idea to use that part never left the back of my mind, and in my fury of creating loops of... erm, fury, I guess, I finally, digitally created one and I kinda wanted to use it.

I thought it would turn out pretty weird, being not especially a rockabilly-sounding part, but it did have a little slapback delay on it that helped it all fall together in no time, while the kids were watching Shark Boy & Lava Girl, which I fancy you can hear on the vocal track without much difficulty.

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