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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

34. "Recycling Ad" by McLeod Landfill

There's an interesting side note to artist name on this one (assuming that you've by now determined how much stock you want to put in my proclaiming any given thing to be "interesting"), and it doesn't have to do with the viability of a landfill being called the actual "artist" of the track (to which I answer in the affirmative, because it entertains me). It's the fact that my mp3 of the track, and every mp3 available online as far as I can tell, credits it to "McCleod Landfill", but I noticed that the cover art features a sign reading "McLeod Landfill" instead. I did a little research on the titular landfill and discovered that the correct spelling appears to be "McLeod", and so today's posting of the original track probably marks the internet debut of the correctly tagged and artist-attributed mp3 of "Recycling Ad". You are most welcome.

My 7-year-old daughter Ridley drew the portrait of me in the artwork mod, and it's my favorite thing about today's track because she just put "The Fall" on my t-shirt of her own volition, not at any prompting on my part for cuteness's sake. Having created the track to sound vaguely like Wire or perhaps the Adverts, I had originally intended to sing it like Richard Hell, but I finished the art before the track, and that pushed me towards finally getting my MES impression over with instead. Insekt posse will be crushed.

Rex Broome ~ Everything musical
Ridley Broome ~ Portrait drawing

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