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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

41. "The Ballad of Bethnal Green" by Paddy Roberts

This is the kind of thing I envisioned happening on this project, except when I envisioned it, as generally happens when one envisions things, it sounded a lot cooler. There is, it is to be hoped, some entertainment to be had here, at least in the on-the-fly capturing of an absurd moment.

I had a moment of quiet at the end of the day to rehearse/figure out this number, but was being annoyed by the constant buzzing of LAPD helicopters over the Silver Lake reservoir. Eventually this struck me as a pretty absurd environment in which to be attempting a cute British music hall throwback, and I decided to document it just that way, maneuvering the laptop close to an open window and recording the song as quickly as I could. Another few minutes and I could've gotten a true stereo recording, but unfortunately (I guess) the choppers would have departed. So here you go.

Contains the words "titty" and "gay".

Rex Broome ~ Guitar and vocal
LAPD (and perhaps local media) ~ Helicopter accompaniment

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