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Friday, April 23, 2010

36. "Midnight to Six Man" by The Pretty Things

I fought the loops and the loops won with a vengeance yesterday, so today I'm playing as rubato as I possibly can. I had the idea of converting this celebration of debauched late night living into a bit of a lament about the same... somewhere on the starker streets of The Replacements' neighborhood, "Here Comes a Regular" or "Nightclub Jitters". It came out a little more like one of the Big Star tunes that certainly inspired Westerberg when writing his. This is straight into the condensor mic again. On the first playback I got a bit of phasing from the mic still being open... I liked it and decided to incorporate something similar (without which the track would be in mono). Messed around with the chords a little bit on the way to a suitable feel. Fair game, I'd think.

Rex Broome ~ Everything

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