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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

40. "Houses in Motion" by Talking Heads

"Remain in Light" was my first favorite album. I don't think it's ever departed from my personal Top 10 since the first time I heard it. The funny thing for this Appalachian kid is that I didn't even realize I was listening to something funk-derived when I fell under its spell until someone told me it sounded, in less sensitive terms, like African-American music. So I guess David Byrne was my own personal Elvis. I've had (The) Houses in Motion on several short lists for band names. This is primal stuff for me.

So, was this fun for me? Hells yes. I started out with this idea of doing "Houses" in the style that the original 4-piece Heads might have done it three years earlier than they did, but those kind of high-concept cover ideas only last so long. Somewhere between stealing Busta Jones' bass licks from the live version on "The Name of This Band..." and working out that tight little riff on the chorus (all by myself!), I altered course and ended up doing the fake Belewisms and giant choral vocals. What pleases me most is that this is no way a straight cover of the original, but almost everything about it seems true to the period and ambitions of the band.

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