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Monday, April 19, 2010

32. "Didn't Wanna Do It" by Danny Collet

I used to be related through marriage to a helluva Cajun fiddle player, and that's how I came by these types of records. Great guy, fantastic musician... that's about the only thing I miss about that part of my life. But I'll not let this paragraph become the habitual place to bash the ex-boss, the ex-wife, etc.; there's work to be done.

Trouble is, I really really have no voice. So I'm handing the vocal duties on this one over to Anjali, the British-Indian Robot Lady who performed half of the Kingston Trio stage patter thing. I like Anjali. For one thing, she give me an excuse to do a "feat." song... I've been so jealous of modern pop stars whose singles always seem to feat. each other or T-Pain or whomever. So I'm going to feat. Anjali today.

Please also enjoy my first ever experiments with MIDI. Not in any way to be taken seriously, but a toe in the water, as it were. Gimme a break, I feel wretchedly ill!

Feeling as I do, the cover art is a total toss-off as well. I don't think Anjali really looks like that. But I spent too much time trying to find an CG image of an Indian girl (CG to reflect her robotic nature) and the internet sadly disappointed me. If anyone finds an appropriately cyber-looking image for Anjali, send it my way and it will become her canonical appearance forthwith. I love you guys.

Rex "Sickie Boy" Broome ~ Acoustic guitar
Anjali ~ vocals
Sax, Electric Guitar and Organ play themselves thanks to the Wonders of Modern Science

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