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Monday, April 26, 2010

39. "On Trial" by Minutemen

Yesterday's multitrack extravaganza did not jam econo. So you might assume that I'd be happy that today The Machine has assigned me a :41 track by the three-piece Minutemen, the power trio being my primary delivery system for rock music. But in fact I found this one far more daunting. For one thing, I respect the hell out of this band. For another, they were crazy talented and creative guys who put more into those forty seconds than most pop songs can dream of containing.

So it was going to be hard to figure out anyway, but to further complicate matters, this particular track is one of the many on Minutemen records which was lifted straight off of an audience tape to better represent the vitality of the performance. There's no studio version and the recording quality isn't the clearest. Suffering most from this are my approximations of the lyrics, which certainly must have possessed a political specificity that's lost in my wild guesses. And I honestly feel kind of bad about that, but I did get the hook, so I was at least able to guess where it was driving.

Rex Broome ~ Vocal and guitar

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  1. Freaky out-of-order thing... Couldn't find this at first.