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Sunday, August 1, 2010

136. "Walk Through the Bottomland" by Lyle Lovett

Lyle's Pontiac remains a singular favorite of mine... there's something indefinably magic about it, owing probably to some mostly-forgotten emotional specifics associated with the time when I first heard it, which would've been my late teens. It was also a record the whole family liked and so it'd be high on the playlist for vacation listening on the long car ride between West Virginia and (usually) South Carolina. No other LL album comes close for me, although that may also owe a lot to what I call The American Music Club Principle, which holds that, for an artist whose work is of uniformly high quality, one will tend to adopt the first record one hears as one's favorite.

The buried self-editorial comment following the first chorus is there because I was begging Gen to do the harmony vocal, and she demurred, feeling that she couldn't do it. In the process of trying to get her to do it, I demonstrated the part, and then decided on a whim I could handle it myself, and was a little surprised at how well it worked.

Personnel: Rex

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  1. i always wondered what the american music club principle was called.