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Thursday, August 5, 2010

140. "This Land Is Your Land" by The Thunder Hill Singers with The Foggy Island Singers

I did all kinds of things wrong on this one, but the primary concept is awfully strong. For one thing, the same person sings the first verse on the original (in 1964) as sings the first verse on the cover (in 2010), so you basically have the same guy, my dad Jim Broome, revisiting the same song 46 years apart. Then there's the fact that his granddaughter sings the fourth verse, with me doing one inbetween, so it's multigenerational to the max. In fact, the choir that sings the chorus is so full of people who are parents or children of each other that it's kind of mind-boggling.

The original comes from a "hootenanny" on Nantucket Island in '64, in collaboration with another folk group, The Foggy Island Singers, who drifted into obscurity. In contrast, the cover was recorded as Dad and I are rehearsing for yet another reunion of Thunderhill (the final post-folk-era version of The Thunderhill Singers) which will feature another of the singers at the Hoot on the island back in the day. Some things just don't die.

Jim Broome ~ lead vocal, first verse
Rex Broome ~ lead vocal, second verse; instruments and stuff
Eden Hain ~ lead vocal, third verse
Miranda Broome ~ lead vocal, fourth verse
The Pratt Family Singers ~ Patricia Broome, Genevieve Broome, Ridley Broome, Miranda Broome, Eden Hain, Rex Broome, Jim Broome

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