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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

138. "Side 2 - 26" by Star Trek (3rd Season Cast & Crew)"

Don't worry about the cover image for my version of this one. It's a long story, and inside joke, and you had to be there, and all that.

The core of the music that we invented for this thing was Eden and myself improvising in real time, her on ukulele and me on 12-string. Eden had just basically taught herself to play the basics of uke in the half hour or so before we recorded it, so we thought that was the best idea ever. The cool thing was she really dialed in to the idea of reacting improvisationally in the sort of experimental noise-jazz idiom very quickly.

Eden ~ ukulele and ambient vocals
Star Trek Cast & Crew ~ incomprehensible voiceover
hedgehog1 ~ voiceover ~ comprehensible voiceover
Rex ~ other stuff


  1. I was hoping this would be the space hippy song from "Way to Eden" (Season 3)... alas.

  2. Hopefully it has a bit of the spirit of that song. I mean, one of the performers is *named* Eden...