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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

139. "Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More" by The Wonder Stuff

It's my first recording from The Field, with my stripped-down recording rig deep in the woods of West Virginia. The finest new tool available to me in this setting is my dad's old Martin D-28, so of course I set out to use it right away. And then I broke a string right toward the end of the first take, and don't have another phosphor bronze one available to me right now, so it's a good deal that the take was not too bad.

I can actually remember being somewhat skeptical about The Wonder Stuff when this song came out, but I was won over by the time their near-perfect Never Loved Elvis record came out. And it's hard not to feel bad for them almost immediately thereafter, as they along with many of the other best bands of their ilk seemed rightfully stymied by the pile of odious crap that rock and roll became in the early '90's, and the fact that said pile of crap was so much more lucrative and critically lionized than they had ever been. All told that made for a pretty short heyday for this band and quite a few other artists from that era. A lot of them have gotten second winds as smaller scale recording and touring artists supported by smaller groups of more ardent fans thanks to the internet, and that's a good thing for bands whose initial runs foundered for depressing industry-related reasons. And you know, when I started that last sentence I was just generalizing, but I've now found out that The Wonder Stuff is indeed active again, so there you go.

Personnel: Rex

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