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Friday, August 13, 2010

148. "And Then ...Coda" by Wire

There's a long-standing tradition of self-sampling, modular musical re-use and pastiche in the noble history of the Wire rock band musical combo group. The actual tune I'm covering here is sort of one of those Wire songs that you generally don't realize to exist. You can spin Document and Eyewitness many times, as I have, and never absorb it as an actual collection of songs the way the band's other recordings, however challenging, fundamentally are. Anyway, I've put the backing track together out of bits and pieces of recordings from just about every broad phase of the band's career, including some which already openly cannibalize each other, and what would you know... it turns out dugga.

I'd have to class this as the second rather damned disturbing recording I've posted in a row. Sorry if that's bugging anyone.

Rex ~ acoustic guitar, vocal, assemblage and manipulation
Wire ~ the ex-lion tamer's share of the sampled building blocks

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