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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

166. "We Got the Beat" by The Go-Go's

Just how lo-fi is this recording? Well, most of it was recorded in a moving car, by Eden in the front seat playing uke and singing into the condenser mic on my laptop (and sharpening up her engineering skills a fair bit in the process). The bits we did record later we did almost exclusively through the condenser as well, in order to match the original sound. The resulting muddle was damned hard to mix, but has a nicely defiant sharpness to it as total sludge goes. In some ways, and maybe it's just my mood at this moment, it feels like one of the angrier sounding recordings in which I've ever had a hand.

I also anticipate that this is but the first of many Go-Go's/lolcats crossover tunes that will doubtless litter the musical landscape before the decade is out.

Eden Hain: lead vocal, ukulele, backing vocal, engineering
Ridley Broome: percussion, backing vocals
Miranda Broome: backing vocals
Rex Broome: bass, guitar solo, assemblage/engineering/etc.

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