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Monday, August 9, 2010

144. "Mammal" by They Might Be Giants

A couple of different ideas collided on this one. Practically speaking ("IRL" if you will, and I'm by no means certain that you will) I just didn't decide on one single way to tackle this tune, with the habitual Billy Bragg approach starting me off, the synth bass being just sort of practical as I don't have a bass guitar with me here in WV, and the club beatz just kind of growing out of that. As far as how it turned out, it's an example of how not having too tangible of an idea what you're doing can result in something a lot more original than what happens when you do. The naff guitar tone isn't really my kind of thing, but it seems to work on this one. The vocal turned out somewhere between John Linell's original and a nerdier Mike Ness.

Personnel: Rex


  1. From CaroleK to DrB:

    Still listening

    Where is the poetry
    to bring a lost voice back
    The words to say I miss you
    please forgive all, please return
    Can no one ask that of you
    Does no one have the right
    to hope words can bring you back
    Is that the lesson I should learn here
    like in "Love and Monsters"
    learn the grace of letting go
    and if you can't then learn to live
    with the lamentable results
    Yes, I know it's not the same
    and really I'm glad of that
    but this is a poem, so, you know
    there's some allowance for
    unfortunate comparison
    and in a way
    this is worse because
    the part you left behind
    doesn't talk to me at all
    Somewhere in here
    I've come to see
    only open doors
    and reasons for trying
    and you were part of that
    so I have to try one more time
    before I can -- grace or no
    let go

  2. (BTW, I've been so busy that my listening is sporadic, but I think this project is great. I look forward to the rest!)