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Thursday, August 19, 2010

154. "O Mein Papa" by Anna Maria Del Maestro

Unquestionably the most offensive thing I've ever posted on 39-40, if not ever associated myself in any way, there's still something kind of compellingly haunting about this one. Also it is noteworthy for containing mandolin and rain, but still being in no way connected with Bruce Hornsby. And I sort of like how the NYC narrative vibrates against the super-rustic (but kind of spacy) sounds of the backing track.

It is also the very first time ever that I've completely canned the original version and retained nothing but the title. My rule about stuff like that is that I can do anything of that nature-- once. So even if completely up against the deadline, which is happening very often now because I'm so busy doing music that I don't have much time to do music, I'll consider myself beholden to make a nod to the original in some way. I did in fact consider flying some kind of re-speeded fragment of the original into this mix, but that seemed almost too perfunctory.

Midlife Crisis
Chris Dixon ~ vocal
Tom Heckman ~ guitar
Rex Broome ~ mandolin
Music composed by Tom, stereo rain recorded by Rex


  1. Thank you for what is quite possibly the most I have ever laughed in this century. XOXO CK

  2. I kinda think the original is obscene, a very different way.

    Now I'll think of a mandolin every time I'm sweating during the sexual act of coital intercourse screwing. Thanks for that. I guess.

    (Also: Blogspot/Wordpress War responsible for the fact that I have to fucking re-login every two minutes, even though I'm posting three comments in that six-minute period or so? Grr.)

  3. Only if your sweat drops on her. Maybe even on her face. I don't know!