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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

145. "Love" by The Virgin Sleep

Using GarageBand in a garage surrounded by garage stuff, one eventually succumbs to the impulse to USE IT TONIGHT.

The original song here is something I hadn't really listened to closely before, and it's pretty interesting... I might have to see if I can find anything else by The Virgin Sleep. It's kind of weird even by late '60s psych standards. The chord progressions per se aren't that odd, but they seem to come at you in a nearly random order, making it hard to believe the band knew how to play which part when, but then there's a fairly ornate string part to go along with it, so it's likely more thought-out than it seems. I wonder if the rest of their stuff, if there is any, has the same odd mixture of the ramshackle and the polished. The well of nearly-forgotten bizarre bands from that era seems inexhaustible.

Personnel: Rex

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