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Sunday, September 5, 2010

171. "Rockin' Daddy" by Eddie Band

Approaching the halfway point in the 39-40 project, I renewed my call for collaborators to diversify the sounds heard here, and that turned out to be a really, really good idea, because, a few days behind already, I'm not consistently able to move around just yet. So it helps that a few talented folks have provided me with backing tracks over which to warble unrelated tunes.

Greg Whitmore, recording here as Sow Belly back in (he estimates) 1993, belongs to a family of the very solidest people on earth; his sister Laura, who's my age, never fails to save my ass one way or another when I find myself back east. His mother Connie (pictured) was one of my high school english teachers, but that doesn't even begin to describe her significance in my family life. And I can't even really get started on Professor Tony. Dude. Anyhow, over the years since we all left our hometown and started catching up in brief snatches at Christmas parties and whatnot, Greg and I have traded stories of being musicians and what music doesn't suck and that sort of thing, and I've really respected his viewpoints and had a bit of that old classic "so why didn't we work together on stuff when we had a chance" vibe. So here, across the gulf of time, we go.

Also, I haven't investigated it in depth, but while there is a Ding Dong, Texas, there doesn't seem to be an actual Ding Dong, Tennessee. Perhaps it's related to the composition "Ding Dong Mama from Tennessee". I just don't know.

Greg Whitmore ~ backing track
Rex Broome ~ vocal, additional keyboards, loops & processing

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