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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

174. "Say No Go" by De La Soul

I've been hoping something like this would happen for a while. There was a time when I really loved hip hop, and it was a glorious thing. I drifted away from it for reasons that probably at first had mostly to do with the state of me, wasn't able to find my way back in for reasons having to do with the state of hip-hop, and aside from the occasional thing that happens to catch my ear or abstract fancy from time to time, a huge swath of rap history has unfolded without my paying much attention other than by reading this or hearing that name mentioned over and over again in other media. But I do feel like I was there for the Golden Age, and I wouldn't trade that for much at all.

Now, way back when I did Egg Man, I didn't have any loop-building skills at all. It's a miracle that that track, which was built from the ground up (and took on some wacky challenges in the process) got finished at all. By its very nature it's completely different from the original. In this case, having worked up my abilities in the interim, I was trying to do the compete opposite, and replicate the original backing track as completely as possible, and with a little bit of surgery and a little fake organ playing I was able to do it fairly well. If that seems like a kind of banal end product for all that work, it was in some ways just an exercise, and in another way an attempt to not do anything to flashy with the track itself, because I wanted the point of this one to see to what extent I could flow. So that's what it's all about.

Original backing track ~ De La Soul
Vocal, loop surgery, fake organ ~ Rex

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