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Monday, September 6, 2010

172. "Vanity" by New Model Army

So whilst casting about for material I can develop without, like, moving much, I noticed that I'd somehow completely forgotten this New Model Army tune which The Machine had chosen for me back in West Virginia. Weird. I'm not especially a NMA fan; I have this record because I became somewhat of an obsessive completist for all of the songs played on Paris radio station Oui FM between January and July of 1991, and this band's "Purity" was one of them. But there it was, to be dealt with. Fortunately for me, a glance at the lyrics made it look like a pretty good candidate for a spoken-word narrative.

Now, I've never met Russ Van Rooy, but I've known him and respected the hell out of him for many years, having met him via the Television/Verlaine/Lloyd e-mail list. I've kept up with his music over the years and I'm always happy to hear any new piece he's developing. He generously let me use this one as a backing track; I added drums and bass, implying an unintended chord change or two, I'm afraid, but I hope he'll be okay with it. I specifically stayed away from adding guitar, so everything you hear here on that level is pure Van Rooy. The result is kind of rousing, I'd have to say. Might argue for a second go-round, even!

Russ Van Rooy ~ guitars, original composition and recording
Rex Broome ~ vocal, bass, drum loops, fiddly bits

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