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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

194. "Johnny Thunder" by The Kinks

Requested, once again, by Genevieve Broome. No, not making this up... the Randomizer has spoken.

First idea: let's do this like another band from the same era... a Stones or Byrds version.

Second idea: Deal with the piano thing. See, I have rudimentary skills on the keyboard. Live, I can play very simple organ parts, relying on sustain to cover up the fact that I can't move around much. Programmed, I can sound slightly more savvy. But the niceties of the piano completely escape me. I recognize chords, bass runs, melody lines and that kind of thing in piano playing, but integrating them all in some way that's physically possible for two hands is way more than I can manage. So I've had it in mind to try to program my way to something resembling a real (if incredibly, but hopefully interestingly, naive) solo piano performance. So that became the idea.

Third idea: manifests as I'm working through the second idea. This piano things sounds alright, but probably needs a little guitar to smooth out the overly geometrical feel.

Fourth idea: the result of messing around looking for a percussion loop to see if it will help. An absurd drum part from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts leaps out at me, and that's when, with all the melody and chord stuff already printed, the song starts to sound like a Jah Wobble track or similar.

The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society has been lodged in my personal Top 10 LPs list for years. Offhand, I believe "Houses in Motion" is the only other track from a perennial Top 10 album I've covered so far on 39-40. That list is pretty ossified, though. There are things on it that've always been there and certainly deserve it, but I'm not sure I haven't gotten more out of a few more recent discoveries and just can't admit it yet. These things take years, lifetimes, to work themselves out.

Personnel: Rex

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