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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

167. "How Does It Feel To Feel (UK Version)" by The Creation

Strangely, I did a live cover of this song sitting in with Sidewalk Society on the very day 39-40 commenced, bowing the guitar and everything. It was a lot of fun and people liked it. But I've read before that covering it as a recording is almost doomed to failure because there's just something inexplicably spooky about the original version, which is true (even,somewhat implausibly, of both the US and UK singles, which are quite different from each other).

So my half-assed idea was that maybe, if it's hopeless to do one good cover of it, I might be able to get something out of doing two crappy covers of it at the same time. Or maybe not. Doesn't much matter. I got to do phased/flanged harmonies and literally slam a bass guitar into a hardwood floor (among other surfaces), as well as screeching some wretched viola, all on the same recording. Needless to say my shitty mood persists.

Personnel: Rex

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