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Sunday, September 19, 2010

185. "Fading Fast" by The Go-Go's

Requested by Paula Carino.

Last time we did a Go-Go's tune, Miranda was going to sing lead on a verse, but by the time we got back from Disneyland-- this was the one Eden recorded in the car, if you'll recall-- nobody was awake enough to do anything. Tonight, oddly, Miranda is the only one of the three kids in the house, so she got it all to herself, her first complete solo lead here if I'm not mistaken. I really dig it. I promise that the next time the Go-Go's come up I'll do my best Belinda Carlisle impersonation my own damn self. It's tempting to have Gen do it, but turned down her chance to be an actual Go-Go many years ago... she may feel that boat has well and truly sailed.

Charlotte wrote some good 'uns, it must be said.

Miranda Broome ~ lead vocal
Rex Broome ~ guitar, backing vocals

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