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Friday, September 24, 2010

190. "God's Children" by The Kinks

Requested by Genevieve Broome. That's right, I never said that employees of Minco Records and/or family members of employees of Minco Records were ineligible to request tunes on 39-40. They aren't. And although it's a little amazing, Gen's request did win the randomizer for today (it's actually not that amazing, since there was a record low of 7 requests).

Now, what most people, family or otherwise, don't get to do is then commandeer the session and sing the lead vocal on their own request. And I honestly didn't expect her to do it... she's been kind of shy about doing vocals for the project. But I love her voice and love it even more when she plays and sings... when she picks up a guitar and starts singing, I always stop whatever I'm doing and have to listen. Always... it's a involuntary response. It helps that she's always singing a good song, either one of her own or a cover I wish I knew.

Another little experiment with guitar strings made it into today's cover. I'd determined it was well past time to change the strings on my primary acoustic (the Sigma listed here) but just as a lark I decided to record the guitar part twice, once with the old dead strings, and then again with the new ones after I'd gotten them on there. But while waiting for the strings to stretch themselves out, I started to feel like the first acoustic reading I'd done had been a little too inert compared to the dynamic and fantastical arrangement on the original, so I decided to have what was going to be a doubled acoustic track depart from the original after the first verse. Glad I did.

And finally, I can't believe this is the first Ray Davies composition I've covered for this project! I have so many Kinks records it's insane. And it was probably a conversation about the Kinks that led to Gen and I becoming an item to begin with, so if this is a bit late, at least it's been handled in an appropriate manner.

Genevieve Broome ~ Lead vocal
Rex Broome ~ Guitars, backing vocals

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