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Thursday, September 9, 2010

175. "Memorable Moments" by The Tyde

Another across-the-gulf-of-years collaboration with Greg Whitmore. I didn't do anything at all to the backing track on this one. It was tempting to extend it a little bit to allow the lyrics to breathe, but in the end I was able to rearrange them in a way that fit the ebb and flow of Greg's original piece quite nicely, I think.

Do you ever have one of those moments when you see that an artist you like pretty well has worked with someone so execrable that it throws your whole assessment of them into question? As I was searching (in vain) for the lyrics to this song online, I noticed that the third Tyde album includes contributions from some guy from Maroon 5 (whom I should admit I only assume to be douchebags because everyone says so) and another guy from The Thrills, who, yeah, I know, people like them okay and stuff, but it kinda bothered me that a bad from Ireland was so incapable of writing more than three songs without naming one of them after some place in California. But life goes on.

Greg Whitmore ~ everything except:
Rex Broome ~ vocal

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