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Saturday, January 1, 2011

289. "Good Hearted Woman" by Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson

I wasn't entirely sure how to credit this one, artist-wise. The backing tracks, the bulk of the whole thing's being, really, including the jarringly enthusiatic crowd reaction, are from this summer's Thunderhill performance at the Honi Honi in Deep Creek, MD. I'm working through those tracks, and the ones from the Stray Cat in Keyser, WV, to mix the best of them for inclusion on the definitive Thunderhill CD collection to be released later this year. It's not easy work, and a lot of stuff needs to be replaced. For this version, I sang all of the lead vocals (as it's pretty easy to tell) and, for practical reasons, had to replace my dad's rhythm guitar track with an acoustic. So while this was originally performed by Thunderhill, in this version, there's no Jim Broome on it at all, so it definitely isn't Thunderhill. And it didn't seem right to retroactively name the backing band as "Rex Broome and the Whatever Boys" since neither Rich Frush nor Tom Heckman never signed up to be Whatever Boys, so, while it also seems sketchy for me to call it a solo track, that's pretty much the best I could come up with.

I've heard and played this song so many times that I almost don't hear it any more, but when putting together the pictures for this entry, I did marvel at the cover of that Wanted! The Outlaws record, as I do just about every time I encounter it. The family had that on 8-track, for realsies, and its impact on why and how I do music can't much be measured.

Rex Broome ~ Lead vocal, guitars, backing vocals
Rich Frush ~ Drums, backing vocals
Tom Heckman ~ Bass, backing vocals

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