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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

314. "Ah, Woe! Ah, Me" by The Kingston Trio

Continuing the documenting of the Thunderhill show last year, here's another one where many fans of the band will be hearing the original version for the first time. Like many such songs, it's from the album-track side of the Kingston Trio catalog. This one hasn't changed too much from the original version, which is really sort of racy for its time. I have a pretty vivid memory of my parents telling me not to play this song (and a few others) when I took my Thunderhill LP in to my kindergarten class for show and tell. I didn't get it, but I got off light compared to my brother, who apparently got into some trouble in second grade for innocently singing "It take a horny man/To sing a horny song". It's these kind of experiences that led me to make a little time to record "clean" versions of three of the songs on the Skates & Rays record... not that the kids have ever asked to take one in for show and tell or anything.

I put the picture of Dad and myself conferring between songs as the cover image for two reasons:
1) I'm frankly running out of photos from the concert, and
2) Much of the song is a dialogue between a father and son. In fact, this is one of at least three songs from Thunderhill's set that involve questionable paternity. It's not something I worry about on my end, since I show evidence of the Broome/Pratt genes in spades. But if some shady psuedo brothers worm their way out of the woodwork at some future date, I guess I won't be able to say I wasn't warned.

Jim Broome ~ Lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Rich Frush ~ Drums, backing vocal
Rex Broome ~ Lead guitar, backing vocal
Tom Heckman ~ Bass, backing vocal
Vic Marsh ~ Tambourine
Recorded live at the Honi Honi (as with previous tracks)

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