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Monday, January 31, 2011

319. "Internet Love Song" by Tom Milsom

This one's a bit of a summation of a lot of what's ended up happening with 39-40. A friend of mine recently told me that one of the things he's enjoyed most about the project has been watching me foster and respond to the musical development of my daughters. That's been important to me, too, but sometimes it's easy to forget how far they've come with me during the project. I wouldn't at all claim credit for Eden's powerhouse uke-and-vocal solo performance skills as she demonstrates them here, but hey, this right here was her first-ever time picking up a uke, and she's logged a lot of time on lead vocals on the blog. I am mighty proud of her. The harmonies on this thing she put together on her own, too... pretty impressive. We've all come a long way.

A measure of that is the fact that I'm not even entirely sure I should be posting this as "my" work on the blog... and the best argument for me doing so is probably that all the work to get to this point has been cumulative. My general definition of what qualifies for a 39-40 entry has been "a recorded work that wouldn't exist at the end of the day were it not for me", meaning that as long as I'm the primary motivating factor nursing it into reality, it'll count. And as long as it's a cover. There's usually not much stretching of that definition required, but it's allowed me to feature other vocalists and players, or to do what amount to "remixes" of the original work, or to offer up "repurposed" older recordings from time to time, all of which have, it is to be hoped, stopped the blog from becoming a parade of acoustic renditions of '60s garage psych, '70s punk/postpunk and '80s college rock tunes. For that you should all be grateful.

Eden Hain ~ Everything except:
Rex Broome ~ Harmonica and half of the handclaps

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