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Saturday, January 8, 2011

296. "Thought That I Was Over You" by Jack Frost

Another cover from the McLennan/Kilbey project's first album, which I apparently like a great deal. It's actually not that uncommon for me to pick up two covers from a record I'm really into... three from one album seems a bit much so it usually stops there, and then only one will tend to survive in my long term memory, but in this case two of them are still at my fingertips.

Also another dashed off direct-to-hard-drive-via-laptop-mic production. It's enlivened by Eden's uke and vocal overdub, which happened just as you hear it on the recording, at the end: I finished my take, and she walked into the room and asked to do the harmony, so I cued it back up and she did it right away. It's a cute novelty on the one hand, and a sweet addition to a great song that I didn't completely louse up performance-wise.

Rex ~ Lead vocal, guitar
Eden ~ Backing vocal, ukulele

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